Brain Caliber is an organization that was founded by professionals with a total experience of over 50 man-years. Our focus and commitment to providing top quality service reflects in the recognition of Brain Caliber by the Indian Dermatoglyphics apex body. It is the only organization in the field that has been certified by the Dermatoglyphics Analysts Association of India (DAAoI).


Whether it is in personal relationships or the structure of a professional organization, we believe that everyone has an important role to play. We want to help individuals find their true and innate strengths and further help them achieve more in life by positioning them on the right track to success.

By combining the science of dermatoglyphics with multiple intelligence theories and models, we offer a unique insight into an individual’s learning styles, capabilities, strengths, communication styles, and a lot more.


We take pride in offering our best service, each and every time.

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