Find out for yourself.

Ever wondered if you were meant to be more?

All personality types can be set into one of four categories as per the four-bird model (also known as the DOPE model). 

You and I fit into one of these basic personality types, which define the way we interact with other people, the way we go about life, our personal drivers and how we succeed. We will often relate better to people who have a similar behavior profile, and find other behavior patterns incompatible and maybe even a little intimidating.

More importantly however, these behaviors have a major impact on how we progress through life.

So what are these 4 behavior types?


2. OWL



Follow these steps to identify your behavior:

1. Take a impression of your left hand thumb (using Ink, Lipstick, etc...)


2. Match the impression with below images.


3. Click on "know more" link to identify your personality characteristics.

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