Services We Offer

We offer professional Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) based on your fingerprints. Our dermatoglyphics experts will take you through our quick and simple 3 step DMIA procedure to help you identify your innate strengths and weaknesses, hidden abilities, and natural preferences.


Step 1: Your fingerprints are acquired on a ‘Biometric Scanner’.


Step 2: Our expert performs a complete analysis – including a computerized and a manual report.


Step 3: Our expert explains the report in depth and answers all your queries over 2 professional counseling sessions.


Over the course of the report review, if you feel that you need any assistance, our DMIA experts will be more than happy to chalk out a development plan for you. We will then work with you to ensure the optimum stimulation of your strengths. We can also help you connect with a specialist that will be able to address any special needs or therapy that you might decide to opt for.


To understand how DMIA can be of particular help to you, please click through on your specific requirement.


Children – Help identify your child’s true strengths and hidden potential, and how to nurture them right.


Individuals – Set your expectations right by understanding yourself better. Figure out your inborn talents, identify your preferred learning style, build your confidence, and make smarter choices for your life.


Relationships – Understand the dynamics of your relationship with someone – be it a parent-child, husband-wife, or any other type of relationship – and how to improve your communication and compatibility.


Corporate – Maximize your employees’ productivity by understanding their innate strengths and weaknesses. 

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