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It is very important to match your efforts in maximizing your child’s potential to his/her talents and inborn strengths. With a professional DMIA analysis, we can help you identify your child’s true strengths and hidden potential, and even help you nurture these talents right.


Here are some of the common questions that we can help you address as a parent:

Which career will be the best suited for my child?
What are my child’s special talents?
How can I make my child learn things more easily? 

Whether you are on the same page as your child about a career choice or not, there is always the lingering question, “Is this the best career path?”


With our detailed DMIA report, we can help you understand the best career that suits your child and help you and your child in maximizing the potential. 

While it is very easy to spot the special talents of some children, it is more often the case that it is not so easy.


We can help you identify the true special talents and support your child in developing these.

Different people tend to learn the same thing in different ways. For instance, some of us have a more visual memory as compared to others.


With our simple DMIA process, we can help you understand the learning capabilities of your child and his preferred learning style. This will help you appropriately train your child to adopt the correct process for learning.

How can I understand what goes through my child’s head? 
How can I increase my child’s concentration?

Kids can often surprise us with the things they say, the way they respond to situations, or even when they struggle to grasp simple concepts.


We can help you identify the style of learning and thinking that your child is born with. This will help you interact more effectively with you child.

Not everyone has the same concentration span. In the case of children, this can often be seen when they are unable to pay attention to their academics. For some, it might even be the cause for their constant state of irritation.


Does your child have a hard time concentrating on his homework? Or does he fidget during dinner time? Or does his attention wander in the middle of a conversation?


With the help of DMIA we can help you understand your child’s concentration span and share techniques to enhance his/her concentration. 

What reward will my child respond to the most? 

We all respond differently to different motivations. While the reward of a paycheck works in some cases, the aim of achieving something might be the motivation in others. Sometimes it might not even be about materialistic rewards, but appreciation, a hug, or even just an acknowledgement. Children are no different.


We can help you understand what motivational and reward cues your child responds to, and rewards that can keep your child motivated and happy. 

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